A new emotion in your residential illuminations

Lamp zaniah

Illuminate your workspace

accomplice in your work, reading times or decoration, zaniah has an ultrathin design, which broadcasts a soothing light, bright as a punctuation of your intimate space.

Elegant and sleek, matte black anodized aluminum, zaniah intimate mix of warm colors to the lighting of white cooler to reinforce a working environment .

zaniah and you ...

A plug brushed aluminum serving as a switch struggling interchangeable regardless of the country where you are.

Desk lamp, side view Desk lamp, LED integrated view of the aluminum body Desk lamp, top view Desk lamp, detailed view of the LEDs warm white and cool white Desk lamp, details of the power cord aluminum
Lamp using LED technology

LEDs light to warm

Good lighting is essential in the work area. A constant level of lighting is a guarantee of security and reduces eyestrain.

A combination of carefully optimized and different ranges of LEDs has been developed by stee//ed to provide perfect brightness and warmest color temperature.

Slim, sleek and chic, each room of the range is designed to perfectly combine form and function. Table lamps, suspensions, wall sconces and ceiling, all are treated with the same care in seeking the warmth of the atmosphere.


stee//ed lighting products are made with components that meet current safety standards and the latest European RoHS.

Aluminum is a material resistant matte silver-gray appearance. Anodizing treatments performed by stee//ed has reduced its conductivity and extended durability.

Extra lights with low power LEDs give the space an atmosphere of functional and relaxing, and are energy savers thanks and this to their low intensity.

Sustainable solution

By consuming 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, stee//ed's lighting products are only made ​​with light emitting diodes (LEDs), helping to reduce the energy footprint and preserve the environment.

The LEDs provide a low Energy consumption compared to conventional bulbs