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The philosophy of our creative workshop

Our philosophy, our concept

stee//ed is a creative company, wich goal is to design ethical and sustainable products.

All products are born from the desire to combine the harmony between form and function, in an environmentally friendly way. Our products are uniquely manufactured.

Our lamps are exclusively made ​​with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), involving energy saving.

Each step in the manufacture of lamps and decorative elements is performed with the utmost care, locally: machining processes with high precision, quality textures, materials and colors, and hand finishing for each part.

Each product is unique

Pure and raw materials, a remarkably fine machining with cutting-edge industrial tools, a traditional / an handcraft finish for extreme quality that make each piece unique.

Made in small batches and sold exclusively online directly from the production site, lighting and decorative objects stee//ed are intended for pure shape lovers.

The best materials and best manufacturing processes for a timeless design.

We manufacture according to the needs and expectations of our clients: you are a professional or individual, we are at your disposal for a single service, quality and personalized.

Who are we?

Based in the french Alps, we work exclusively with high quality metals, valuing their properties for a modern design aesthetic, clean lines.

Passionated with design, we evolve each of the ranges and decorative lighting, in accordance with the standards

Integrated LED low Energy consumption