A range of decorative objects with clean shapes

Candlestick alioth

the soft lighting of the flame

alioth is a candle holder designed by stee//ed to share every moment of privacy: decoration, candle-lit dinner, mood light ...

Made from a block of solid aluminum, black or silver, cubic or cylindrical alioth was patiently crafted to provide the best fine texture to the touch.

Its clean shape makes an ideal object inside a design interior, sleek and minimalist.

An ingenious accessory

Simple and practical design idea: alioth is the accessory of arts of the table. It decorates your tables for guests, napkin ring, or eye-table.

Its ingenious design allows you to easily turn on the candle, and its hollow bottom to remove it easily.

As a handle, it can be moved easily. Elegant, it is interchangeable to suit your decor: lounge table, coffee table, small table, console ...

Alioth candlestick is made from an aluminum block Presentation of alioth candlestick, beside a table, square model, silver color Presentation of the alioth candlestick, leaning on a book, square model, black color Presentation of the alioth candlestick, used as a napkin ring, round model, black color Presentation of alioth candlestick, beside a table, square model, black color
Illustration de la chaleure bienfesante d'une bougie

The candle, an intimate light source

Light source from the origin, the candle gives an incomparable atmosphere of warmth, privacy and usability to your space.

stee//ed shows the choice of aluminum for its candle holders to enhance the unlikely alliance between the metal and fire.

Quality and sustainable solution

Made for standard size candle lanterns, stee//ed's candlesticks can be machined to suit your needs (up to 7cm wide) in different series for most professional uses (restaurant, arts of the table, ...)

They can also be made ​​of different materials and colors.

Candles help to reduce the energy footprint and preserve the environment. Prefer natural candles or palm oil, scented with essential oils, synthetic fragrances and no petrochemical ingredients.

The candle: the gift for special moments

Creating cozy atmosphere, sources of sweetness and energy, the candles are fragrances for leaves open the calm and serenity.

Provide a candle is the symbol of the events to share stee//ed offers personalized mailings (in gift packages) if you want to offer candle holders for privileged moments.

The candle provides a cozy atmosphere with a low energy cost